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• 10/30/2013

Thunderspire - the end game.

So Paldemar lies dead, his body severed in half at the waist from a blow by Oloril.  The threat to the Thunderspire is finished.
The party return to the Seven Pillared Hall, and go off to see Orontor.  He thanks you gratefully for the work you;ve done, and gives you 1000GP, as well as offering you his services in creating two items of magic the party desires (2x 10th level items).  He also hands you the keys to the Seven Pillared Hall, you are free to enjoy the company of the SPH whenever you wish, and will always be welcomed as friends to the Mages of Saruun.
(Each party member has earned enough XP to level up to 10th level - believe me you will need it)
On returning to the Halfmoon Inn, Rendil has prepared a feast in your honour.  He received word of your accomplishments from Orontor.  You feast and make merry, etc......
The next morning the party are awoken by Rendil. A messenger has arrived from Winterhaven, and the news is not good.  Lord Padraig has requested that you return at once.  7 nights ago your house was destroyed by an unknown assailant.  The Winterhaven constables have revelaed that only one member of the household can be accounted for.  Azazel the Warlock was found unconscious in the Kitchen, her skin and hair have been turned white, and she remains vague, and unclear about the events of that night.  All she keeps repeating is "The mist.  The mist. Davrok is the mist."  Valthrun is unable to help her, and she is not responding to any attempts to cure her.
What would you like to do?
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• 10/14/2013

Critical Failures - Throwing a 1 for Attack

Dearest all.  I've been spending some time thinking about the Crit Fail process I run when DM'ing, and would like to formalise how it's run so that there's no feeling of bias or unfairness when running an instance of failure.
It's annoying enough to roll a 1, but it also, in my opinion, have an effect.  I do not wnt, however, for the Crit Fail process to be seen as something that you hate, rather it should add some kind of comedic effect to the proceedings.  So in our wonderful world of democracy, I feel it appropriate to put it to a vote.
I have suggested 3 types of Crit Fail process below, and I'd like you all to vote for which one you would prefer me to use.
1) The 4e rules for Crit Fail - when a character rolls a 1 for attack it is deemed an automatic miss (without bonus addition)
2) The current DM discretion approach, where damage can be sustained by party members dependent on the particular scenario, and how the DM perceives the combat is going.
3) On a Crit Fail roll, the attacking character will need to perform a saving throw.  10 or above will achieve a save against Crit Fail process. 9 or below will provide a non-damage action being made against either the attacker if melee, or party members if the attack is ranged, or a burst/blast attack.  For example, tripping on a charge and going prone, knocking over a party member if using a ranged attack, dropping your weapon on a melee attack etec, etc.
I will then collate the votes and adhere to your wishes.
It's all about enjoying the game
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• 9/12/2013

Shopping plans for the party (Ian's work!)

I've turned this into an actual wiki page now : Shopping List Sept 2013
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• 9/10/2013

The Cast

At the next meeting we need a team photo of the characters for the site.
We also need to gather all the Femo photos we have and upload them too :)
Kind of Heroes and Villains
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• 9/10/2013

Status Update on the party

Morning all. Bryan, kindly, set up this Wikia for us to communicate rather than keep sending out archaic emails.
We've had a few conversations recently about the state of the party and their magic items. Hopefully you'll all be up to date with the email convo, but further discussions have been made at work about what to do going forward.
I'll post what we agree at work, so that everyone is aware of what we are doing.
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