Adrik had a happy and conventional childhood in the great dwarven city of <place>. Coming from a poor but respectable family he was lucky to be apprenticed to <name> a famous master smith. He spent several years making the tea before finally being allowed to move on to starting to make crude weapons of his own. In his spare time he would practice with the arms lying around the forge and dream of being a warrior.  He became extremely profficient at attacking imaginary foes, pieces of wood and all manner of inanimate objects.

While working in <name>'s forge outside the house Adrik regularly saw his daughter <othername> coming and going. He became increasingly infatuated with her until, buouyed up by completing his finest work yet, a battleaxe of actualy sellable quality he confessed his love.

He was prepared for rejection but not for derision. Worse, <othername> told her mother who was simultaneously amused and horrifed. Adrik fled and stoping only to steal his newly completed axe, a mail shirt and his favorite hammer he left swearing he would return when he was a famous fighter. In his fantasies <othername> would be awed and he kept changing his mind on whether he would welcome her back with open arms and forgiveness or whether he should spurn <othername> just as she had done to him.

Adrik is driven by his quest to achieve fame and power and wealth. He will charge into any fight where glory might be one. Although as his strength and wealth increase he finds himself increasingly unable to remeber exactly what <othername> looked like.