The members of the Heroes Of Winterhaven Inc. have been fluid over time, with several founding board members having left to pursue other opportunities in housekeeping.

Adrik - Played by Tom

A male Dwarven Fighter, Adrik wields a single headed axe, plus a shield and mail Armour.  Short.

Aragwen (Fired - Originally played by Anita)

A female Elven Cleric, Aragwen is in the service of Pelor. Main Weapon - Mace. Cloth Armour. Stroppy.

Azazel (Fired - Originally played by Kelly)

A female Tiefling Warlord, Azazel was on fire a lot. Smokey.

Braun (Fired - Originally played by Iain)

A Human Paladin. Shiny light of plate armour. Cheesy grin.

Cocytus (Fired - Once played by Ian)

A male Eladrin Rogue. Wore adult nappies. Smelly.

Davrok (MIA - Once played by Adrian)

A male Dragonborn Paladin, Davrok wears clanky plate armour and a Long sword. Scaly.

Ferath (Fired - Once played by Peter)

A male Human Mage, Ferath wields his spellbook and quarterstaff. Unwieldy.

Kriv (Played by Ian)

A very smug Dragonborn Cleric. Cheats.

Maros Dorn (Played by Darren. Occasionally)

A dual blade wielding male big jawed psycho ranger. Sullen.

NickNack (Played by Bryan)

A male Human Warlock, Nick Nack is surprisingly tall. Annoying.

Oloril Gnomekicker X'endrik (Played by Adrian)

A huge fuck-off cow with horns on two legs professing to be a Barbarian. No-one's ever dared argue. Large.

Paela (Played by Andi)

A female Halfing, short bow wielding short arse Ranger.  Short.

Pellinor (Played by Peter)

A camp as you like Half-Elf Bard. Sings. Badly.

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